General rules for participation

WATERCOLORIUM International Watercolor Art Competition 2019
The WATERCOLORium international watercolor art competition was founded by the World Fund of Arts with the goal of promoting watercolor art all over the world, opening up a broad look at several interpretations of this painting technique beyond any geographic boundary. The project aims to spread and exchange cultures among artists of all nationalities to help talented people gain new perspectives and additional opportunities to take part in relevant international art events.
Artists of any nationality and from any country aged 16 and over have the right to take part in the competition, except:
- employees of the World Fund of Arts;
- Jury members (can participate only in the exhibition part of the project, without competition);
- nearest relatives of the jury members;
All authors have equal rights, regardless of nationality and country of residence.
The theme of the competition is free, the works presented must be written by watercolor, pure or with a small retouch tempera or other means (e.g. masking liquid, ink) that do not change the very nature of the painting with water.

Competitive works are evaluated by recognized masters and experts of the World of Watercolors (up to 3 people from one country). The Expert Council consists of the following professional groups: leaders of the international communities of watercolor artists, famous and successful watercolor artists, laureates of watercolor competitions, as well as art historians, gallery owners and curators. The Expert Council includes an assessment both in the exposition (full-time jury) and in electronic form (in absentia jury). The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the assessment of art objects submitted to the competition according to a 10-point system. The scores are summed and the average arithmetic score is determined.
(see the Expert Council)

a) Originality of the creative idea;
b) Compositional integrity, color and tonal solution;
c) Technical and performing skills;
Note. The quality of the images presented will also play a role in the judging process. 

Contest nominations:
1. Landscape
2. Portrait
3. Still life
4. Fauna and wildlife
5. Flora and flowers
6. Hyperrealistic picture
7. Plein air picture
8. The symbolic picture
9. Thematic composition / storytelling picture
10. Watercolor experiments

1. Judge's choice for innovation in watercolor art
2. Judge's choice for outstanding composition
3. Judge's choice for technical excellence
4. Judge's choice for the originality of the concept
Entries approved for participation in the competition must comply with the following requirements:
6.1. Works must be original. Your art should be your own original concept, not a copy of someone else’s copyrighted material. When submitting your work to the competition, the applicant is solely responsible for any copyright infringement on materials.
6.2. Works may have copyright signatures or any other identification mark of authorship anywhere in the photo image. In the following, competitive images are published with author's distinctive signs. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed. 
6.3. Must be represented by real paintings, without filters and retouches, and they must reflect the real nature of the picture itself. Paintings should contain only and exclusively an image of works of art, without backgrounds external to the works of art themselves. 
6.4 at the first stage, works should be presented in electronic form, photographs of works should not contain frames and glass. Image quality: acceptable file formats: jpg, gif and png. , in high resolution and in high quality (300 dpi) to guarantee the correct evaluation by the jury, and high-quality publication in the catalog.
6.5. The original work should have the following dimensions: they cannot exceed the maximum size on the larger side - 90 cm, or smaller. The maximum size is the whole picture without passepartout or frame.

The artist reserves all copyrights to his works without exception.
Non-exclusive permissions:
By participating in the “WATERCOLORium” International Watercolor Art Competition, you grant us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce the images of your work of art in the exhibition catalog, on our website, in its mirrors and in our newsletters, as well as in marketing art contests for the general public. Works of art will not be used for any purpose other than those indicated here. All participants and winners will be displayed on the website. Each publication becomes part of the publicly available historical / archived online competition catalog.. It can be removed later by the request of the author.