Prizes and awards

"WATERCOLORium" International watercolor contest

Prizes and awards

At the International Watercolor Competition "WATERCOLORium" the following prizes and awards are provided:

1) All works sent to the contest are evaluated by famous watercolor artists (the list is available on the Expert Council page).The results of the evaluation of the competitive works will be posted on the website of the contest and each participant will be able to see his rating, compiled by experts in the field of watercolor art, from more than 10 countries of the world.

2) We ask members of the jury to select several works that they will like the most and write a few words about these works.We will publish short reviews and/or words of support that were sent to us on the website and in the diploma of the participant.

3) One author can submit up to 5 of his works to the contest. At the same time, each work is evaluated as an independent competitive work, receives its own independent rating.
competition program

4) In each city where the “Watercolorium” contest is held, up to 50 works that have reached the final are determined. Several works from one author can enter the final if these works scored a large number of points.Competition entries requested by a jury member are also allowed to the finals.

5) All participants receive a participant’s diploma, finalists receive a final participant’s diploma, and winners receive a winner’s diploma.Special diplomas will also be issued from jury members for those authors they liked and about whom they expressed a desire to write a short essay.

6) All participants in the International Watercolor Contest "Watercolorium" will be published in the International Catalogue "WATERCOLORium in WORLD".Catalogue structure: winners are published in the 1st part, finalists in the 2nd part, and semi-finalists who are not included in the first parts of the catalog in the 3rd part.We will also publish in the catalogue the words of watercolor masters from among the members of the jury who wrote a few words or short essays about the work they liked.Amount of space provided: depending on the number of works sent, the author is given 1 or 2 pages.One page is provided to authors who have registered up to 3 works, a double-page spread is for authors who have registered from 4 to 5 works.


8) Laureates of the International Competition «Watercolorium»will be recommended for membership in international watercolor associations and unions of artists.

9) The winners of the competition get the opportunity to present their work at international watercolor fairs and at the "Watercolorium" contest in one of the upcoming cities (by decision of the organizing committee).

The list of cities and the schedule are placed in the "Geography of the competition" section.