Registration for the contest and watercolor artfair


Registration Sequence

First stage

Authors send a set of registration materials (to

Second stage

The Expert Council assesses competitive works and determines the participants of the final and the winners of the competition.

Third stage

Artworks that scored big points enter the final and are exhibited in the exhibition space, and participate in the award ceremony.

Registration process for each city separately!

Exhibition Schedule:

1) Russia, Moscow: June 23-30, 2020;
2) Nepal, Kathmandu: August 12-26, 2020;
3) Spain, Barcelona: September 8-14, 2020;
4) Belgium, Brussels, September 16-28, 2020;
5) Russia, Moscow, October 1-4, 2020;
6) Vietnam, Hanoi, November 25 - December 4, 2020.

Registration Deadline:

1) Russia, Moscow: until June 14, 2020;
2) Nepal, Kathmandu: until July 24, 2020;
3) Spain, Barcelona: until August 12, 2020;
4) Belgium, Brussels: until August 31, 2020;
5) Russia, Moscow: until September 14, 2020;
6) Vietnam, Hanoi: until November 9, 2020;

Choose a nomination

1. Landscape
2. Architecture
3. Portrait
4. Still life
5. Fauna and wildlife
6. Flora and flowers
7. Water element
8. Hyperrealistic picture
9. Plein air picture
10. The symbolic picture
11. Storytelling picture
12. Watercolor experiments

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Registration Steps

The international contest "WATERCOLORium" is held in two stages: semi-final and final.
WATERCOLORium Exhibitions are held on 5 continents: in Europe, Asia, South and North America, the Middle East and Australia.
STAGE 1: Send a set of registration materials to the Organizing Committee.
The registration set includes:
1) application form (download Word or PDF);
2) labels for each competition entry (download Word or PDF);
3) photo of the author (at least 3x4 cm in size);
4) photographs of competitive works (not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
5) copy of the registration fee payment (see sections "Participation Fee")
STAGE 2: evaluation of the submitted works by the jury members (a list of jury members and information about them is available on the Expert Council page).
Winners will be posted on the website. and presented at the exhibition.
STAGE 3: finalists' exposition and announcement of winners.
The final will be admitted 40 watercolor works with the maximum number of points.
A list of all works with the number of points will be published on the website  and each participant will be able to evaluate their professional level.

The final exposition consists of two sections: originals and photocopies.
Originals of works should be made in accordance with the standard requirements for the exhibition: the work should be on a solid basis, with the possibility of hanging them on a vertical wall.
Photocopies: in case the author cannot submit the originals of his works to the exhibition, the organizing committee will print out the submitted files, draw up a passe-partout and frame, and place it on the exhibition walls. The size of the printed files is the original size of the picture ranging from A5 to A2 (if the work is larger than A2, then the reduction will be proportional).

Entry Fee

The author can submit from 1 to 5 watercolor works to the International Watercolor Contest "Watercolor".
More than 5 works from one author are not allowed.
At the final, two forms of presentation of works are provided - originals and photocopies.

The author can submit from 1 to 5 watercolor works to the International Watercolor Contest "WATERCOLORium".
a) 1 artwork: 15 Euros;
b) from 2 to 3 artworks: 30 Euros for all;
c) from 4 to 5 artworks: 45 Euros for all.
More than 5 works from one author are not allowed.The cost is indicated for the competition in one city (a list of cities and a schedule are given on the page "Geography of the competition").
At the final, two forms of presentation of works are provided - originals and photocopies:
a) original works: authors provide works prepared for the exhibition.
b) photocopies of works: the organizing committee prints workson watercolor paper that the author cannot provide in the original, draws up and places them on the finalists' exposition.
a) format up to A3: 10 Euros / sheet;
b) format up to A2: 20 Euros / sheet;
c) format up to A1: 35 Euros / sheet.
Bank transfers / payment by receipt in the bank
For individual authors:
payment in rubles of the Russian Federation (in Word, PDF format)
payment in Belarusian rubles of the Republic of Belarus (in Word format, PDF)
For organizations:
payment in rubles of the Russian Federation (in Excel format, PDF)
payment in Belarusian rubles of the Republic of Belarus (in Excel format, PDF)
Enter the amount of payment
without commas and letters!

(in Russian rubles! (Course: 1 Euro = 65 rubles)
Enter payment purpose:   
Enter your name, surname:
Enter a phone number
(in format +7 925 4338821)     
Enter your email:   


Wallet Account Number: 41001501070388
(for payment you need to log in to
Pay with Paypal
Registration fee: euroartweek@yahoo.*com (must be removed *)
(to pay, you must log in to
Rubles Russia: R258791928538
Ruble Belarus: B349699385459
Hryvnia of Ukraine: U630212189139
Euro: E549941348004
US Dollar: Z337971392411
Payment of the organizational contribution is possible through the WesternUnion system both through the offices of this organization and via the Internet (link to pay "Pay online via WesternUnion").
Recipient Name: Inquire at the Organizing Committee
Moscow city
country: Russian Federation
It is possible to pay the registration fee by transferring to a bank account outside of Russia, in Euros.
Bank Name: Luminor Bank AS
Bank Account / IBN: LV54RIKO0001050163619
Recipient: Fedors Filkovs
Address: Skanstes Street 12, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
After payment you must send a screenshot of the payment to the organizing committee email:

Prizes and awards

The international watercolor contest & Exhibition "WATERCOLORium" is held quarterly in the capitals and major cities of various countries of the world. on 5 continents. In 2020, the competition will be held in the following countries and cities:

1) Russia, Moscow: June 23-30, 2020 (registration deadline: until June 14, 2020);
2) Nepal, Kathmandu: August 12-26, 2020 (registration deadline: until August 27, 2020);
3) Belgium, Brussels, September 16-28, 2020 (deadline for registration: until August 31, 2020);
4) Vietnam, Hanoi, November 25 - December 4, 2020 (registration deadline: until November 9, 2020).
5) Spain, Barcelona: the dates will be published later;

All works submitted to the competition are evaluated by famous watercolor artists (the list is available on the Expert Council). The results of the evaluation will be posted on the competition website: each of the participants will see their average arithmetic score from the jury, from over 10 countries.
Additionally: we ask the jury to write a few words about the works that they liked the most. And if the jury member writes the words about the picture and the mastery of the author, then we will publish these words on the website and in the diploma.

Authors with the highest scores from international jury members will be presented at Russian center of science and culture - Brahmsplatz, 8, Vösendorf, Vienna, Austria.
Additionally, for 5 winners, personal exhibitions will be organized in 2020 in Russia or several countries.
Participants in the semi-finals have the opportunity to visit the exhibition for free.

All participants in the semi-finals of the competition receive a diploma of the participant. Participants admitted by points to the finals receive a finalist diploma. Prize winners receive a laureate diploma.

The winners of the International Watercolor Contest "Watercolorium" will be awarded with watercolor sets from the partners of the competition, and the finalists with discount coupons.

All participants of the International Watercolor Contest "Watercolorium", eligible to participate in the competition for the semi-finals, will be published in the International Catalog "WATERCOLORium in WORLD".
Catalogue structure: winners are published in the 1st part, finalists in the 2nd part, and the remaining semi-finalists in the 3rd part.
The catalog will also publish the words of the watercolors masters from the jury, who wrote a few words about the work they liked the most.

Laureates of the "Watercolorium" contest are recommended for joining members of international watercolor associations and unions of artists.